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Looking for a voice actor that can…

bring your message to life with passion and precision?
Take risks while following the script to your specifications?
Relate to a cross-cultural audience in English and Spanish?
Deliver a quality product that surpasses your expectations?

Then you have found what you’re looking for. A voice actor with the ability to sound relatable, warm, dynamic, confident, authoritative or silly.

Juan Esteves offers a wide range of voiceover capabilities that engage and connect with listeners. His innate ability to interpret the words with the perfect intonation that is best suits your project. He is comfortable in both North American English and Neutral Spanish, in addition to Puerto Rican or English with a Spanish accent. Translating, proofreading and editing services are also available. Located just north of New York City, he is available via phone, email or social media. Contact him and discuss what he can do for you, even if you are unsure on what you need. Your message is important. Make it stand out with a committed voice. Make it stand out with Juan Esteves