Voice Over Services for Multiple Applications
• Commercials (television, radio and web)
• Television shows, movies and documentaries
• Video games • eLearning • ADR
• Movie and game trailers • Imaging
• Training, business and sales presentations
• Podcasts and websites • IVR and voicemail
• Promos and infomercials • Narrations

Translations, Editing & Proofreading
Precise Spanish translation of scripts, literature and published works, with special attention paid to maintaining the original intent of the writer.  In cases of existing translations, we make certain the subtleties of the language have been interpreted accordingly.

Studio Equipment & Delivery
Sennheiser MHK 416 microphone
Yamaha AG06 Mixing Console
Adobe Audition recording software
Delivery of audio files via email & FTP

A Little About Me
I was the kid who used to record himself doing silly voices and impressions.  Having grandparents, aunts and uncles of advanced age taught me to enunciate and to speak clearly.  Once I prank-called a schoolmate’s mother pretending to be the old Spanish female teacher.  I became the kid who was willing to say almost anything for a laugh.  But the first time I realized I could do something fun and profitable with my voice was on my first visit to New York City.  My friend's dad worked for NBC in Rockefeller Center.  Every night he would do a simultaneous live read of the Spanish translation of the NBC Nightly News over AM radio.  He had some of the information prepared ahead of time but mostly it was done on the fly.  I never forgot how exciting it was. Now I do it for a living and it's just as exciting as it was back then.